R2 CUVÉE (0,75l) - Král Steffanus
Král Steffanus / R2 CUVÉE (0,75l)

R2 CUVÉE (0,75l)

Cuvée of Welschriesling and Rheinriesling
Dry (2022)

A charming Cuvée of mature Welschriesling and Riesling. This wine will brings you joy with every sip. The soft vitreous color implies youth and freshness. In the flavor you will find combinations of lemon with soft hints of peach and apple. The nobility of the fresh, tart, fruity taste on the palate is complemented by the harmonious aftertaste of this summer wine.

Recommended foods: traditional fish dishes, various vegetable salads, light spicy meals

Standard fermentation in a stainless steel tank

Alcohol: 12.0 % ABV
Residual sugar: 5.3 g
Acids: 6.5 g
Blend ratio of cuvée: 80% WR, 20% RR, depending on vintage
Vintage: 2018

7.5 € (Tax included)

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