Král Steffanus / ROSEA DELICATA (0,75l)


Cuvée Blaufränkisch, Merlot
Dry (2018)

A treat for summer days

Whether with friends sitting on the sun terrace or at a dinner for two, our light and fresh directly pressed rosé will perfectly match the mood. In the glass it has a light salmon-pink colour, a fine aroma of raspberries and cherries and a flavour in which a light sweetness balances crisp acids. Serve ice cold for the best taste experience.

Recommended foods: light summer dishes, vegetable and fruit combinations, light grilled dishes.

Standard fermentation in a stainless-steel tank.

Alcohol: 11.5 % ABV
Residual sugar: 8.2 g
Acids: 6.2 g
Vintage: 2018

6.5 € (Tax included)

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