Král Steffanus / PINOT BLANC (0,75l)


Pinot blanc
Dry (2018)

An elegant wine that will charm you with its unique character

The Pinot Blanc’s bright yellow colour glittering with hints of green promises a beautiful drinking experience. Its fresh fruity notes are supplemented by the characteristic aromas of this variety – walnuts and almonds. The full body offers a fresh and lively minerality with balanced acids that make it an excellent partner for a light meal.

Recommended foods: summer salads, poultry and pasta dishes


Fermentation and then 4 months’ resting on fine yeasts in a stainless-steel tank

Alkohol: 13 % Vol.
Restzucker: 1,0 g
Säuren: 6,0 g
Serviertemperatur 10-12 °C
Jahrgang: 2018

7.5 € (Tax included)

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