Král Steffanus / ELITE GIFT SET


An exclusive gift set containing a bottle of our wine of your choice and handmade chocolates containing wine from our vineyards.

The irresistible combination of delicious flavours, where crisp chocolate meets the perfect flavour of the wine, will tickle everyone’s taste buds. The chocolate melts slowly in the mouth to create a paradise on the tongue.

The gift set is a limited edition created only for the Kral Steffanus brand and the special chocolates in the set have been developed over several years to provide the best pairing of wine and chocolate.

The Elite gift set includes:

  • Magnus Two or Jubiläumsrebe wine (0,75l)
  • chocolates filled with our red wine Magnus and our dessert wine Jubiläumsrebe (100 g packet with three months’ shelf life)
37.70 € (Tax included)